Our History

Passion in Douro began its activity in March 2012. We are a company of tourist activities, organization of events and tourism of housing.

We offer the possibility to enjoy the yacht Passion of the brand Azimut 55 Evolution, where it enjoys a privileged location at the mouth of the Douro, more precisely in Douro Marina, Afurada, within walking distance of the Ribeira de Gaia and the historic centre of Porto.

The yacht is focused on an exquisite design of innovative materials, and care for every detail so that every moment on board is exactly as you imagined it.

With large open surfaces, 2 solarium areas, glamorous interiors where the decoration design leaves all the space to the wide windows, total luminosity.

Everything is designed to facilitate the socializing on board, to increase the fun, to live intensely every moment.

We organize boat rides through personalized packages designed to you. With stocking for 12 people, the yacht Passion offers all the comfort and privacy. The climb of the river Douro by boat is the best way to know, live and feel this unique region in the world, in which the common denominator is the Douro.

The Douro is thus the result of a subtle mixture of ingredients, refined over time, reborn to each season and culminating in a colorful that is an explosion to our senses.

With tours of 2 to 4 hours, 1, 2, 3 days, or more, to discover the Douro as a natural region and world heritage, unique and diversified location by the offer that presents to visitors, ideal for:

Business events

Friends’ fraternization

Romantic Tour


 Wedding Porposals

Bachelor’s Farewells

Special Celebration

Photography and Videos

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Or simply enjoy the peace, the sun and relax to the taste of the wind and also why not enjoy to visit Quintas.

Welcome aboard, come and experience the Douro region in a unique way with unique sensations. Let yourself fall in love with the Douro. An unforgettable journey awaits you.

 We also have at your disposal one villa with outdoor swimming pool for holidays, with views for the Douro River, 10 Km from Porto.

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